Collection A.K
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1. Twisted jade strings (caviar size) tarnished [Indonesia] with turquoise pearls [Tibet] and a silver clasp shaped as an elephant's head (A. Kahli).
2. Double string of matrix green turquoises [Nepal] and a gold-plated silver pendant [India].
3. Four cm pearl of yak bone, sculpted in the image of Buddha [Northern China], silver pearl plated with fine gold [Mysore] crest of Biwa pearls [Japan] on a plate of african scallop shells, the same as those used as coins during the last century.
4. Multiple strings of black pearls [Tahiti] 11mm and Keshi pearls [Japan] from 11 to 13 mm and a steel spiral. Silver clasp in a stretched out S shape (A. Kahli).
5. Milky green China jade [Manchuria] silver pearl and crest of Biwa pearls, in the shape of grains of rice [Japan].
6. Multiple strings of bohemian garnet (grain of rice) with three flowers of frosted rock crystal and a corolla of pink tourmaline.
7. Sumptuous twisted strings of peul terra cotta [Mali], with an axe-shaped pendant, sterling silver 925 (A. Kahli) encased in an Uzbeck earring and Guinean amber clasp.

8. Block of opaque amber [Poland] with a golden piece of sculpted bronze. Tribute to Bonillo.

9. Copper colored pearl [Japan], 5 strings linked together by a gold-plated silver triangular element [South India (Mysore)].
10. Five strings of aquamarine [Brasil] linked together by a gold-plated silver element [Rajasthan].
11. Yak bone necklace with Sanskrit-style inscriptions [South India].
12. Necklace of papouan (New-Guinea) inspiration; tibetan turquoise with plaque of mediterranean coral, tubes of agate from northern India, disks of Naga seashells [Nagaland (India)].
13. Greyish green semi-polished amber from Kaliningrad [Baltic sea (Russia)] silver disk 925 granules [Kashmir (northern India)].
14. Black onyx [Mato Grosso (Brazil)] elements of gold-plated bronze mounting a cinnamon red pearl with a diameter of 3 cm [China]. R. Skander golden bronze clasp.
15. Adornment of aquamarine, amethyst and fluorspar in the shape of a barrel 16/12 mm [India] golden silver pendant, patinated in the old fashion [southern India].
16. Multiple row of ancient russian amber, golden bronze rod [Afghanistan].
17. Honey-acacia colored block of amber 50 mm diameter [Poland] half-shell in gold-plated silver.
18. Tight necklace made from amber olives (2.5/2 cm) [Russia] with a silver element plated with fine gold and patinated in the old fashion.
19. Copal amber pearl [Mali] with 5 strings made of jade, pearls, malachite, amethyst, silver, cinnamon and mediterranean coral going through it.
Aziz Kahli 1999 . .
Production: Jérémie Bernard . .